EUTOPIA Updates, 13 June 2022


EUTOPIA Updates, 13 June 2022

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EUTOPIA Week at the VUB: Brussels is your campus!

EUTOPIA Week brings together key players – students, researchers, experts, and strategic partners - from across our European alliance network, every six months. As a founding member, VUB is proud to host the fifth edition of this week in our beloved Brussels, oftentimes dubbed the heart of Europe.

Join (one of) our many interactive workshops, high-level panel conversations, city tours, cultural visits, ... Participating in EUTOPIA Week from abroad/the comfort of your own home? You can still get a taste of Brussels, as a plethora of sessions are available in a hybrid manner, allowing you to dial in remotely.

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Alliance News 


What is EUTOPIA doing for Ukraine?

Do you want to know what steps the 10 EUTOPIA universities are taking to help Ukrainian students, academics and their families? Check here.


Partner News 


CY to host the next EUTOPIA Expert Seminar, focusing on Inclusion - June 17, 2022

Inclusive higher education contributes to individual development and well-being and increases educational opportunities. It also drives convergence upwards in higher education itself, thus creating a dynamic virtuous spiral. Higher Education institutions can act as direct role models for the broader society and help the transformative development of social justice and inclusivity.

The seminar Bridging the Gap: Designing Higher Education Policies through Inclusion Narratives, intends to bring in “expert by experience” voices (students and external stakeholders, including other alliances and a member of the European Parliament), which narratives are important to understand the shared meaning of disadvantage, develop recommendations and initiatives, design strategies, methods, research programmes, and raise awareness of diversity.

The seminar will take place on the 17th of June 2022 at iX Campus in Saint-Germain-en-Laye. The Seminar will not be open to registration.

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The EUTOPIA Knowledge Bazaar: Showcasing a marketplace of ideas -  June 21, 2022

Building upon the alliance's commitment to openness and inclusion, the EUTOPIA Knowledge Bazaar aims to foster a community of curiosity and active involvement by presenting innovative research outcomes through innovative means.

The Bazaar does not display research outcomes in a traditional way. It is a space of creation itself, where research is presented through experimental, audiovisual formats that are, by themselves, artistic investigation products. It invites the user to enter and browse among a myriad of images and sounds which divulge cutting-edge discoveries through innovative productions.

The event will happen online on the EUTOPIA YouTube Channel, on June 21st, from 4 to 6 pm CET.

Learn more here. Subscribe to the EUTOPIA Youtube Channel here.




All Summer Schools open to the EUTOPIA community can be found on the central EUTOPIA website.

Each year, the partner universities of EUTOPIA offer a range of Summer and Winter Schools, often open to international students. Below is a page summarizing every Summer Schools currently available to the EUTOPIA students and community. Check them out and register here.




Funding opportunity: Three months visiting fellowships at the University of Warwick - Fernandes Fellowships 

The University of Warwick would like to invite researchers from across EUTOPIA to apply for a visiting fellowship scheme: Fernandes Fellowships.

These Fellowships will allow those in research, tenure-track, or early academic positions to undertake a three-month visit to Warwick (possibly split over two or three visits) in order to develop long-term research collaborations. Fellows, who must have less than 10 years of postdoctoral experience, will receive a stipend of £2,000 per month; travel costs of up to £1,000; and research, support, and training costs of up to £3,000.

Applications can be submitted at any time and will be reviewed on a monthly basis until funds are fully allocated. Visits must be completed by the end of 2022.

More information and registration.

Contact for more info.


VUB funding opportunity to accelerate the development of the EUTOPIA Connected Research Community - Continuous funding until budget exhaustion

Grants for fundamental research and for applied research/innovation and valorisation with at least one of its 9 EUTOPIA Partners.

Academic personal members (ZAP) affiliated to VUB can apply for outgoing and incoming international mobility grants and preparation of EU applications with one or several of its EUTOPIA partners. This is a continuously open call with 4 evaluation moments per year until budget exhaustion. Typical duration 1-3 months mobility.

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June 17th
Expert Seminar on Inclusion: "Bridging the Gap: Designing Higher Education Policies through Inclusion Narratives"

June 21st
Knowledge Bazaar: A marketplace of Ideas

June 27th to July 1st
EUTOPIA Week Brussels

July 6th - 8th
Open Innovation Event in Warwick - Open Innovation Challenge