EUTOPIA Updates, 25 July 2022


EUTOPIA Updates, 25 July 2022

Today's Spotlight 


EUTOPIA at the Campus of European University Alliances in Versailles!

For the first time since their creation, the 41 European alliances were together and showing to each other that they are not abstractions but human creations, with persons made of bone and flesh, uncovering smiles, intelligence, and imagination, willing to push as far as possible the experience of cooperation between likewise institutions all over the continent.

The French authorities (ministers Sylvie Retailleau and Clément Beaune) and the European Commission authorities (Maryia Gabriel) were present and visited all the university alliances' delegations one by one. EUTOPIA was happy to have the opportunity of a longer conversation with the French Minister of Higher Education, Ms Retailleau, former rector of the University Paris-Sud, now known as Paris-Saclay.

As Brussels was the place to meet between our 10 EUTOPIA partners for the 5th EUTOPIA Week, Versailles was undoubtedly for EUTOPIA the place to meet all those who are actively creating a new ecosystem, transforming our existing academic institutions into bigger, stronger, and better places.

Learn more here.


Alliance News 


Lessons from the EUIC: the EUTOPIA Innovation Conference 2022

The EUTOPIA Innovation Conference took place at the University of Warwick from 6-8 July 2022, focusing on 'European Universities and Sustainable Development', with the subject of sustainable place-making and engagement and collaboration of universities with their local partners and territories taking center stage.

Emphasis was put on bringing students into these discussions: students from the Open Innovation Challenge initiative presented their innovative projects that responded to local challenges of their universities, students from the Knowledge Bazaar touched on knowledge transfer and accessibility, and other teams of students presented on subjects such as student engagement for sustainable development, or the importance of business models to ensure sustainable outputs in universities, etc. 

Workshops and guest speaker interventions completed the rest of the event, which was a resounding success! We hope it paves the way for more student engagement and student-oriented events in EUTOPIA.


Student Career Ambassador Annual Meeting in Ljubljana

In their annual meeting on 14th and 15th of July 2022 in Ljubljana, our Student Career Ambassadors evaluated and reflected on the work they had done in the EUTOPIA2050 project, attended two career workshops and explored Ljubljana last week on their annual meeting.

On the guided tour of the city, they learned many fun facts, climbed the Ljubljana Castle, where they enjoyed the view, and visited the Metelkova art and culture center.

The culinary experience of Slovenian and Balkan food impressed them, and they presented a part of their culture with the help of delicacies that they brought with them to the University of Ljubljana.

Learn more about the Student Career Ambassadors here.



EUTOPIA Open Research portal through the OpenAIRE Connect Gateway

EUTOPIA and OpenAIRE are delighted to announce their partnership. Both will work together to create a research portal for the ten EUTOPIA universities. The aim is to increase the findability and accessibility of EUTOPIA research and to serve as a starting point for new collaborations and partnerships among EUTOPIA researchers and their partners.

Making research results available to the public is part of EUTOPIA’s commitment to being an open and inclusive alliance. Together with OpenAIRE, EUTOPIA will establish a dedicated portal for EUTOPIA through a CONNECT Gateway. The portal will work as a single point of access to all academic publications, data sets, research projects, software and other research outputs of the EUTOPIA universities. Learn more here.


Partner News


The 'Cities of EUTOPIA' podcast continues! Three episodes are now available, come listen!

The episode focused on Cergy was released on July 4th. In it Dominique Sciamma, Director of the CY School of Design, talks about the birth of the 'new city' of Cergy, and the architectural vision that informed it, while researcher Vivien Barrière takes us back in time to the era of Rome-occupied Gaul, in the Roman settlement of Genainville a few kilometres away from Cergy, where researchers from EUTOPIA work together and explore what the region might have been and looked like two thousand years ago.

New episodes will stream after the summer break!

Listen to the podcast here.




MUNSA 2022: Model United Nations by a Student Association from UPF - September 16-18, 2022

MUNSA is a Model United Nations organized each year since 2020 by UNSA Barcelona (the United Nations Student Association of Barcelona) a UPF student association aimed at promoting the values and work of the UN.

MUNSA 2022 aims to expand the event even further than previous years, provinding a diversity of committees to participants: a Historical Security Council, to help us learn from the past; a European Council to bring European institutions into the conference; a Human Rights Council to discuss the most pressing human rights issues; the UNESCO to find solutions for international peace and security; and, finally, a special committee, for those who want to navigate the intricacies of the Council of FIFA. 

MUNSA is an event for university students with interests in diplomacy, international relations and the UN. Learn more and apply here.




The VUB is hiring a part-time Teaching Associate (20%) for the Connected Learning Community Legal History: Minority Rights! - Deadline for applications August 15, 2022

The EUTopia Connected Learning Community Legal History recruits a 20% Teaching Associate ("Pedagogisch Medewerker") to support the activities in the academic year 2022-2023.

The Learning Community Legal History is part of the second wave of CoLeCos. Its first year of operations (2022-2023) brought together students from Brussels (VUB), Barcelona (UPF), Warwick, Ljubljana and CY Paris in a physical peak event and a number of online lectures, seminars and informal exchange moments. Lecturers, external experts and students reflected an exchanged on the transversal theme of Minority Rights. Student reports of the former can be found on the CoLeCo's blog.

Position aims to start on September 1st 2022 through to 31 August 2023.

Learn more and apply here.




Funding opportunity: Three months visiting fellowships at the University of Warwick - Fernandes Fellowships 

The University of Warwick would like to invite researchers from across EUTOPIA to apply for a visiting fellowship scheme: Fernandes Fellowships.

These Fellowships will allow those in research, tenure-track, or early academic positions to undertake a three-month visit to Warwick (possibly split over two or three visits) in order to develop long-term research collaborations. Fellows, who must have less than 10 years of postdoctoral experience, will receive a stipend of £2,000 per month; travel costs of up to £1,000; and research, support, and training costs of up to £3,000.

Applications can be submitted at any time and will be reviewed on a monthly basis until funds are fully allocated. Visits must be completed by the end of 2022.

More information and registration. Contact for more info.


VUB funding opportunity to accelerate the development of the EUTOPIA Connected Research Community - Continuous funding until budget exhaustion

Grants for fundamental research and for applied research/innovation and valorisation with at least one of its 9 EUTOPIA Partners.

Academic personal members (ZAP) affiliated to VUB can apply for outgoing and incoming international mobility grants and preparation of EU applications with one or several of its EUTOPIA partners. This is a continuously open call with 4 evaluation moments per year until budget exhaustion. Typical duration 1-3 months mobility.

Learn more here.




August 15th
Part-time Teaching Associate position at the VUB for CoLeCo Legal History: Minority Rights

September 16th-18th
MUNSA 2022: Model United Nations Student Association in Barcelona

September 28th-29th
ICUR 2022

November 21st-25th
EUTOPIA Week in Ljubljana