EUTOPIA Updates, 13 September 2022


EUTOPIA Updates, 13 September 2022

Today's Spotlight


This was EUTOPIA week BXL!

From June 27 - July 1 2022, over 200 EUTOPIAns made Brussels their campus!

As a founding member, VUB is proud to have hosted the fifth edition of this week in our beloved Brussels, oftentimes dubbed the heart of Europe.
The programme consisted of a plethora of interactive workshops, high-level panel conversations, city tours, cultural visits,...

Experiencing EUTOPIA week withdrawals? Us too! Not to worry, you can still get a taste of Brussels.
Rewatch the highlights of the EUTOPIA week BXL opening ceremony, browse through the EUTOPIA week BXL photo album, read how students experienced EUTOPIA week, listen to the Cities of EUTOPIA podcast episode on Brussels, fill out a quick survey about your EUTOPIA week BXL experiences, …

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Alliance News 

Looking back on EUTOPIA Week BXL: point of view of a student working for EUTOPIA, by Thomas T'Joen

"My personal journey took me from one end of Brussels to the other, from a historically painted visit of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean on the other side of the Willebroeck canal to the north-west, to the VUB Campus facilities in Ixelles in the south-east, without forgetting the Brussels City Hall and the European Parliament building in the heart of the capital of Europe.

The main highlights of my week, of which there are many, come from the engagement of students of the EUTOPIA alliance, like when on the afternoon of the very first day, I attended the closing of the VUB’s Knowledge Bazaar exhibition...

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Testimonial from the Inclusion Expert Seminar: "Bridging the Gap", by Cheyma Al Mehraj

Last June, EUTOPIA was the proud host of an expert seminar on inclusion titled “Bridging the Gap: Designing Higher Education Policies through Inclusion Narratives”. Key note speakers included ‘experts by experience’ Pierre Kompany (mayor of Ganshoren – BE), and Mariam Ouarti (student at VUB).
Cheyma Al-Mehraj, project lead for diversity and inclusion for EUTOPIA at VUB, attended the seminar, and shares a glimpse into her experience.
“Based on what I’ve heard during this seminar I can only conclude that the best Inclusion strategy is so much more effective in cultures where people feel they belong. Because when we’re seen and valued for who we really are — our own unique and authentic selves — we thrive, and so do the people around us...”

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Partner News

The work of the student team from Ljubljana on the Open Innovation Challenge gave birth to an exhibition in front of the UL rectorate

As part of the Open Innovation Challenge, students from the University of Ljubljana worked on a project called "Designing solutions for patients with multiple sclerosis", for which they developed practical devices to make life easier for the patients. Easier meal preparation, carrying loads, easier intimate care and personalized jewellery are just a few of the ideas developed by students of industrial design, medicine, mechanical engineering, cognitive science, sociology and architecture, through interdisciplinary cooperation.

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The 'Cities of EUTOPIA' podcast continues! Three episodes are now available, come listen!

The episode focused on Cergy was released on July 4th. In it Dominique Sciamma, Director of the CY School of Design, talks about the birth of the 'new city' of Cergy, and the architectural vision that informed it, while researcher Vivien Barrière takes us back in time to the era of Rome-occupied Gaul, in the Roman settlement of Genainville a few kilometres away from Cergy, where researchers from EUTOPIA work together and explore what the region might have been and looked like two thousand years ago.

New episodes will stream after the summer break!

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MUNSA 2022: Model United Nations by a Student Association from UPF - September 16-18, 2022

MUNSA is a Model United Nations organized each year since 2020 by UNSA Barcelona (the United Nations Student Association of Barcelona) a UPF student association aimed at promoting the values and work of the UN.

MUNSA 2022 aims to expand the event even further than previous years, provinding a diversity of committees to participants: a Historical Security Council, to help us learn from the past; a European Council to bring European institutions into the conference; a Human Rights Council to discuss the most pressing human rights issues; the UNESCO to find solutions for international peace and security; and, finally, a special committee, for those who want to navigate the intricacies of the Council of FIFA. 

MUNSA is an event for university students with interests in diplomacy, international relations and the UN.

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EUTOPIA Week Ljubljana - November 21 - 25, 2022

The EUTOPIA Weeks are milestones in the construction of the EUTOPIA alliance. They bring together key players – students, researchers, subject matter experts and strategic partners, from across our alliance, in a different university every six months.

The last EUTOPIA week of the EUTOPIA2050 project will take place in Ljubljana, November 21-25, 2022. This EUTOPIA week will be a tribute to the last three years of work and partnership in the EUTOPIA2050 project, and mark the beginning of the new challenges that will come with EUTOPIA More. We kindly invite you to save the date and join us for our week-long celebration of the EUTOPIA alliance!

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All opportunities concerning research have been moved to a Special Update to be sent on September 15, 2022

Main points will concern:

  • The third call of EUTOPIA Science & Innovation Fellowships
  • The EUTOPIA Science Fair

Multiple miscellaneous calls from CY, TUD, etc.

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September 16th-18th
MUNSA 2022: Model United Nations Student Association in Barcelona

September 28th-29th
ICUR 2022

September 30th
Deadline for applications, Editorial Board position for journal 'Exchanges'

November 14th-18th
Inclusion Week

November 21st-25th