EUTOPIA Updates, 10 October, 2022


EUTOPIA Updates, 10 October, 2022

TCaroline pauwelsoday's Spotlight 

VUB establishes Caroline Pauwels Academy of Critical Thinking (PACT)

PACT was the last major project Caroline Pauwels was working on before she passed away on 5 August this year. Her big idea behind the initiative (not originally named after her, bur after french mathematicien Henri Poincaré) was to implement the principles of the Enlightenment: critical thinking, free research and radical humanism.

With PACT, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel wants to make it clear to as wide an audience as possible that doubt, uncertainty and continuing insight are not weaknesses, but are in fact the engine of real scientific and social progress. In creating this academy, VUB aims to respond to the increasing challenges that loom over society and the world. Learn more here.

Alliance News 

EUTOPIA shows off its reports on Citizen Science and Research assessment on Zenodo

Discover the Citizen Science Starter Kit, developed by VUB’s Science Outreach Office (in collaboration with imec-SMIT) for the EUTOPIA-TRAIN project. Are you curious about citizen science, but (relatively) new to it? In three modules you will learn more about citizen science as a research method, how you can determine whether this method is suitable for your research and which factors are crucial in the design of a successful citizen science project. Each module contains case studies, tips for further reading and links to useful online tools or courses.

As for Research Assessment, it is an urgent priority of European research policy. While initially closely tied to the advancement of Open Science practices, this objective has grown into a larger movement that addresses many different shortcomings of dominant evaluation practices. EUTOPIA has committed to implement a framework policy for research assessment and Open Science through the EUTOPIA-TRAIN project.

Check out the Citizen Science Starters Kit Here.

Check out the Open Science in Research Assessment report Here.

Stay up do date with Zenodo Uploads on the Website.


Partner News 

The 'Cities of EUTOPIA' podcast continues! Three episodes are now available, come listen!

The episode focused on Cergy was released on July 4th. In it Dominique Sciamma, Director of the CY School of Design, talks about the birth of the 'new city' of Cergy, and the architectural vision that informed it, while researcher Vivien Barrière takes us back in time to the era of Rome-occupied Gaul, in the Roman settlement of Genainville a few kilometres away from Cergy, where researchers from EUTOPIA work together and explore what the region might have been and looked like two thousand years ago.

Listen to the podcast here.



EUTOPIA TRAIN Fourth Citizen Science Clinic - Online Workshop October 13, 2022

Are you facing specific challenges in your citizen science work? Would you like an opportunity to share difficulties and feedback? Do you feel you would benefit from some insight from colleagues across Europe? Welcome to the EUTOPIA TRAIN Citizen Science Clinic!

The Citizen Science Clinic is an online workshop specially designed to share challenges and ideas for your citizen science work. Each workshop first focuses on one person’s situation. After exploring one person’s challenge, we zoom out to discuss the broader context and how we can all apply these findings to our work.

The third citizen science clinic, focusing on the practicing of citizen science by PhD students and their supervisors will take place through Zoom on ThursdayOctober 13th, 16:00-17:00 CET.

Learn more and register here.

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EUTOPIA Week Ljubljana - November 21 - 25, 2022

The EUTOPIA Weeks are milestones in the construction of the EUTOPIA alliance. They bring together key players – students, researchers, subject matter experts and strategic partners, from across our alliance, in a different university every six months.

The last EUTOPIA week of the EUTOPIA2050 project will take place in Ljubljana, November 21-25, 2022. This EUTOPIA week will be a tribute to the last three years of work and partnership in the EUTOPIA2050 project, and mark the beginning of the new challenges that will come with EUTOPIA More. We kindly invite you to save the date and join us for our week-long celebration of the EUTOPIA alliance!

Learn more here.


EUTOPIA Science Fair - November 21 - 25, 2022, during the EUTOPIA Week Ljubljana

The Science Fair 2022 is on its way! The call for participation has been sent out across the alliance. Contrary to last year, the Science Fair 2022 will be a hybrid event with an inauguration ceremony held online, while the exhibition of research posters will happen in-person at the University of Ljubljana during the next EUTOPIA Week.

Of course the research posters will also be available online for those who could not attend EUTOPIA Week.

You want to present your research poster at the EUTOPIA Science Fair 2022? Get in touch with your local EUTOPIA office or with your vice-rector/vice-president/vice-chancellor for research at your university. Check out the Science Fair 2021 here.



Call for papers and panels: European Union in International Affairs Conference, EUIA23 - Deadline for applications October 15, 2022

The EUIA2023 conference offers a forum to debate the diverging pathways for the EU’s engagement or disengagement with the world. To foster an interdisciplinary and international debate, we invite contributions from all policy domains and actors involved in the redefinition of Europe’s place in international affairs. Such a debate also includes how non-European actors perceive and react to the EU’s involvement or disentanglement in their region.

The EUIA conference calls for submissions from established academics, practitioners, early-career researchers and doctoral candidates. Scholars from non-EU countries are strongly encouraged to submit proposals. A solidarity fund will provide support to selected participants coming from non-OECD countries.

Learn more and apply here.


CRC Incubator Webinar - Dispositions to train teachers for inclusive education in VUB - November 7, 2022

The teacher education literature contains thousands of studies on how to prepare teachers to teach for equity and diversity. For teacher educators involved, there are too many individual studies to identify and consider when designing their curriculum. In this talk we present the results of a systematic review of reviews, allowing the findings of separate reviews to be appraised, compared and contrasted thereby providing teacher educators with the evidence they need. The  databases of web of Science, ERIC, ResearchGate, GoogleScholar and Scopus were systematically searched to identify systematic review papers and meta-analyses on the topic of teacher education for equity, diversity and inclusion.

The webinar will be held by Pr. Els Consuegra of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, on Monday Nov 7, 2022.

Learn more here. Register here.


EUTOPIA-SIF Post-Doctoral Fellowship – Call for applications 2022/2023 - Deadline for applications in December 15, 2022

The EUTOPIA European University is pleased to inform you about the launch of the third call for applications of the MSCA COFUND “EUTOPIA Science and Innovation Post-Doctoral Fellowship Programme EUTOPIA-SIF", for the recruitment of 24 post-doctoral fellows by the 6 partner universities*: Vrije Universiteit BrusselCY Cergy Paris UniversityUniversity of GothenburgUniversity of LjubljanaPompeu Fabra University-BarcelonaThe University of Warwick.

EUTOPIA-SIF fellowships offer the opportunity to high-profile young researchers to develop their own research projects in the stimulating academic environment of the EUTOPIA Alliance. 
Extensive research mobility is integral to the fellowships with two compulsory secondment periods: one at another EUTOPIA university (co-host university) and one with an external academic or non-academic partner institution with the aim of fostering the fellows’ entrepreneurial spirit, tangible research impact and innovation. 
Furthermore, fellows will access a rich training programme, career guidance and academic supervision.

  • The submission of full applications will open on 15 September 2022.
  • The submission of full applications will close on 15 December 2022
  • An optional pre-application stage will be available to help candidates find a host research group from 15 September to 06 October 2022, 13:00 CET.
  • Positions will start in September 2023.

Please visit the dedicated section on the EUTOPIA Website to find out more information about the call procedure and documents, academic and external partners, and much more!

*Although The EUTOPIA Alliance was recently expanded to encompass a total of 10 regionally and nationally distinct European universities, the EUTOPIA-SIF programme runs on a separate grant, only the 6 initial universities are eligible: Vrije Universiteit Brussel, CY Cergy Paris University, University of Gothenburg, University of Ljubljana, Pompeu Fabra University-Barcelona, The University of Warwick.
The 4 new members of the Alliance are not eligible as host or co-host for the proposals.

Learn more here.

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Currently open miscellaneous research calls

There are a number of currently open research calls from CYU, TUD, UL, Warwick... Learn more about them here.



October 13th
EUTOPIA TRAIN Fourth Citizen Science Clinic

October 15th
Deadline for applications - EUIA Conference 2023, Europe's pathways to (dis)engagement wit the world

November 7th
CRC Incubator Webinar - Dispositions to train teachers for inclusive education in VUB

November 14th-18th
Inclusion Week

November 21st-25th

December 15th
Deadline for applications - EUTOPIA-SIF Third Call