EUTOPIA Week in Ljubljana: University of the Future Universe of Opportunities


EUTOPIA Week in Ljubljana: University of the Future Universe of Opportunities

EUTOPIA Week in Ljubljana: University of the Future, Universe of Opportunities 

EUTOPIA week, a milestone of the construction of the EUTOPIA Alliance, brings together its key players for a five-day long celebration of its past, present, and future endeavours. As a founding member, University of Ljubljana is proud to host the next edition of EUTOPIA Week from November 21 to November 25.

Students, researchers, other academics and EUTOPIA staff are invited to take part in workshops, engage in discussions on topics of timely importance and learn from the best professionals in their field. For those not able to attend this EUTOPIA Week in person, most events are hybrid and can be followed online. There will also be plenty of opportunities to experience the city of Ljubljana, often dubbed as Europe’s green gem, on cultural visits and other networking events. We hope to see you there!

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Welcome to Ljubljana: A word of welcome by UL rector prof. dr. Gregor Majdič

Extract from the rector's address: 
"At the end of this November all EUTOPIANS will meet in Ljubljana on the occasion of the last EUTOPIA week of EUTOPIA2050 projects. However, this does not mean the end of EUTOPIA.

EUTOPIA has passed its first infant years, and now it is time to move on. We are very happy to have secured funding for the new project EUTOPIA MORE and I am sure we have very exciting years ahead.

Our meeting in Ljubljana will provide a great opportunity to celebrate the many achievements of the past, but we will also focus on discussions about approaches and strategies for further development of EUTOPIA.

Therefore, I would like to welcome you all very warmly to Ljubljana to celebrate our EUTOPIA. We look forward to meeting you all in our small but very beautiful Ljubljana."

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Programme highlights 

The programme is filled to the brim with thought-provoking panel discussions, presentations, workshops, and other sessions. Below, we will highlight some of the public events we wouldn't want you to miss. Be sure to check out the official website and browse through the programme to find the sessions best suited to your interests.


MONDAY 21st - Presentation: Prof. dr. Maruša Bradač: James Webb Space Telescope - From Water on Mars to the First Galaxies

Prof. dr. Maruša Bradač, a renowned physics professor, researcher and author, will lead this presentation and shed some light on the recent discoveries about the universe's past and share exciting opportunities that await future research in the field of astrophysics. 

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TUESDAY 22nd - Ljubljana and ROG – Sustainably smart (tour of the Cukrarna gallery included)

The City of Ljubljana has implemented a number of measures in the field of sustainable development, including green mobility, waste management and sustainable urban planning. This presentation will be led by Ljubljana’s City Council, highlighting many ways and practices of Ljubljana’s sustainability. This session will occur in the historic building of the Cukrarna gallery.

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WEDNESDAY 23rd - Plenary lecture and discussion: Pippa Norris – In praise of Skepticism: trust but verify

This lecture, led by one of the leading global scholars in social/political science today, will address the topic of trust, specifically trusting in institutions of state and science. Amidst the alarming decline in public trust in these institutions, Pippa Norris's visit is timely, and a deeply needed intervention into the debate. 
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WEDNESDAY 23rd - Science Fair presentation: EUTOPIA Science Slam

The Science Slam will display ten posters created by young researchers pursuing a PhD or post-doctoral research from across EUTOPIA. This session will be a fun and innovative way of learning about science and research, bringing it closer to audiences of all ages, knowledge and interests! Learn more here.


WEDNESDAY 23rd - EUTOPIA Student Think Tank presentation: Student voices for a greener Europe

As one of the main EUTOPIA Alliance student organisations, the EUSTT works to foster the role of students in decision-making and their profile within their communities. The event’s goal is to give voice to students on topics of importance related to sustainability and the environment. Not only students, but all key players of EUTOPIA will surely benefit from this presentation! Learn more here.


FRIDAY 25th - Diversity Day

Inclusion is one of the key principles of EUTOPIA Alliance. To honour the promise of promoting inclusion and inclusive environments in university settings and beyond, we have prepared three key events on our Diversity Day (Friday, November 25). Join us for interactive roundtables Inclusion practices and visions and Inclusive research environments and ethics in research, and explore different approaches aimed to reduce discriminatory behaviour with the Fresco of diversity workshop.
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Discover the city of Ljubljana


Ljubljana, this picturesque city, is a small European gem, often described as green, safe, friendly, and clean. No matter the number of days you will be spending with us during EUTOPIA Week, Ljubljana will welcome you as if you're a local! You can find heaps of useful information about the city on the official EUTOPIA Week in Ljubljana website.

Learn more about how to get around Ljubljana, explore the best food and drink spots in Ljubljana, browse for accommodation during your stay, and see how to reach locations, central to EUTOPIA Week activities.

We have also prepared some cultural visits throughout the week, to help you get better acquainted with the city. Peek into the artistic and alternative side of Ljubljana with the Alternative culture & Graffiti tour, discover amusing stories about life in Ljubljana throughout history by joining the Wicked tour, and marvel at the work done by one of the most impactful modern architects Jože Plečnik on the Plečnik’s Ljubljana tour. For a full list of activities please consult the programme on our website.

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What else?

In the mood for some cinema? Join us for the screening of short films made by students of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, University of Ljubljana. The films will be displayed with English subtitles.

Music lovers: you are invited to attend a concert, where students of the Academy of Music UL will showcase their extraordinary talent. Check out the event Concert: Soloists of the Academy of Music UL and Symphony Orchestra of the Slovene National Theatre Maribor for more information.

Some of the events, namely Knowledge Bazaar Video Exhibition, Open Innovation Challenge exhibition: Designing solutions for patients with multiple sclerosis, and City Museum of Ljubljana - Plečnik: The metropolis, place, garden are open to all EUTOPIA Week participants and happening on-site throughout the whole week!


Don't forget to register early!

There will certainly be plenty of opportunities to engage in meaningful discussion during the official part of the EUTOPIA Week programme, as well as take part in cultural visits, networking opportunities and more. There are a limited number of spots available for each event, which is why we advise you to register early.

Count down to the beginning of EUTOPIA Week in Ljubljana with us and join us for a week of engaging educational activities, networking, cultural events and more!