EUTOPIA Updates, 5 December, 2022


EUTOPIA Updates, 5 December, 2022

Today's Spotlight 

All the news about EUTOPIA Week in Ljubljana!

"University of the Future, Universe of Opportunities" was the slogan of the last EUTOPIA Week of the EUTOPIA-2050 project, that was held in Ljubljana from November 21st to 25th. 

The week kept all its promises as roundtables, sessions and conferences followed each other in person and online, with many events being streamed on Youtube or on Zoom. The week's speakers took us to space with the James Webb telescope, around the globe with EUTOPIA's global partners, right back to Europe's sustainability with the EUTOPIA Student Think Tank session... And a day dedicated to diversity capped off the week in a stunning fashion.

All the EUTOPIA Week news are online, go catch up on what you missed!

Read the news here.

Watch the sessions here.


Alliance News 

The EUTOPIA Learning Communities in action - October & November 2022

The EUTOPIA Learning Communities continue to showcase the results of their work through peak events and presentations. Four events happened in October and November 2022, three of which took place during EUTOPIA Week in Ljubljana. 

  • In late october the LC Legal History had a transnational launch event, inviting Universidade NOVA professor Cristiana Bastos
  • From 21st to 25th November, the Text & Discourse analysis LC held its online "Languages in use Week"

On Thursday 24th and Friday 25th, the LCs Design & Science, and Global Connections both held hybrid sessions: a guest lecture for one, and the presentation of the results of the "Migration Project Week" for the other

Learn more here.


EUTOPIA awarded 8 ERC Starting Grants

ERC grants fund researchers of any nationality and age to conduct frontier research on a topic of their choice. Interdisciplinary and pioneering research projects explore emerging fields with unconventional and innovative approaches.

The ERC Starting Grant in particular aims to support emerging researchers who wish to build a research group and conduct independent research across Europe. This funding scheme is open to promising researchers from any research field, who have shown clear leadership potential.

The ten universities of the EUTOPIA alliance have been awarded eight new Starting Grants, in results published last week.

Learn more here.


Partner News 

The Warwick Economic Summit is looking for EUTOPIAn Student Ambassadors and Representatives - Applications are open!

The Warwick Economics Summit is the largest student-run academic conference in Europe, covering the fields of economics, politics, and the wider social sciences. The next edition, WES 2023 will be held at the University of Warwick from 10th to 12th of February 2023. Taking into consideration the uncertainty and risks associated with Covid-19, WES 2023 will be a hybrid Summit combining in-person and virtual events.

The WES team would like to welcome students from across the EUTOPIA alliance to participate in this rich programme of events. Conference delegates are recruited through a network of student Ambassadors and Representatives. Ambassadors are responsible for advertising WES and recruiting a delegation (in-person and virtual delegates) and will be the WES team’s first point of contact to organise the logistics of their trip. Representatives assemble purely virtual delegations. Learn more and apply here.



EUTOPIA-SIF Monthly Fellow Seminar - December 08, 2022

Within the framework of the EUTOPIA Science and Innovation Fellowship Programme, monthly fellows seminars will take place, in which the 35 researchers enrolled in the two cohorts will in turn present their research projects.

The next researchers to present their research are Théo Aiolfi (CY), Sanchari Deb (UW) and Valérie Hayaert (UW).

Learn more here. Follow on Zoom here.


Sixth Citizen Science Clinic – Projects in the field of Biology - December 15, 2022

EUTOPIA’s sixth Citizen Science Clinic is scheduled for Thursday, December 15th, 16:00-17:00 CET. We’ll be discussing challenges related to citizen science projects in the field of Biology.

Our colleague Maša Zupančič (platform CIANO SLO) will present here work and some questions she came across. E.g. how to start sampling and how to do this in a safe way, or how to avoid being misinterpreted when communicating about complex matters. Learn more and register here.

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CY Initiative of Excellence - Young Researchers wanted - Call for applications 2023 - Deadline for applications January 23, 2023

The CY Initiative TALENT PROGRAMME invites applications from high-profile young researchers willing to develop their research in one of the CY Initiative research groups.

It aims to support young researchers leading an ambitious research project at the highest level, in all academic fields. The recruitment will take the form of junior chairs, with a duration of three years, integrated in a research centre of CY Initiative and offering attractive compensation and research environment. Learn more and apply here.



Currently open miscellaneous research calls

There are a number of currently open research calls from CYU, TUD, UL, Warwick... Learn more about them here.


EUTOPIA-SIF Post-Doctoral Fellowship – Call for applications 2022/2023 - Deadline for applications in December 15, 2022

The EUTOPIA European University is pleased to inform you about the launch of the third call for applications of the MSCA COFUND “EUTOPIA Science and Innovation Post-Doctoral Fellowship Programme EUTOPIA-SIF", for the recruitment of 24 post-doctoral fellows by the 6 partner universities*: Vrije Universiteit BrusselCY Cergy Paris UniversityUniversity of GothenburgUniversity of LjubljanaPompeu Fabra University-BarcelonaThe University of Warwick.

EUTOPIA-SIF fellowships offer the opportunity to high-profile young researchers to develop their own research projects in the stimulating academic environment of the EUTOPIA Alliance. 
Extensive research mobility is integral to the fellowships with two compulsory secondment periods: one at another EUTOPIA university (co-host university) and one with an external academic or non-academic partner institution with the aim of fostering the fellows’ entrepreneurial spirit, tangible research impact and innovation. 
Furthermore, fellows will access a rich training programme, career guidance and academic supervision.

  • The submission of full applications will open on 15 September 2022.
  • The submission of full applications will close on 15 December 2022
  • An optional pre-application stage will be available to help candidates find a host research group from 15 September to 06 October 2022, 13:00 CET.
  • Positions will start in September 2023.

Please visit the dedicated section on the EUTOPIA Website to find out more information about the call procedure and documents, academic and external partners, and much more!

*Although The EUTOPIA Alliance was recently expanded to encompass a total of 10 regionally and nationally distinct European universities, the EUTOPIA-SIF programme runs on a separate grant, only the 6 initial universities are eligible: Vrije Universiteit Brussel, CY Cergy Paris University, University of Gothenburg, University of Ljubljana, Pompeu Fabra University-Barcelona, The University of Warwick.
The 4 new members of the Alliance are not eligible as host or co-host for the proposals.

Learn more here.

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December 08th
EUTOPIA-SIF Monthly Fellow Seminar

December 15th

January 23rd
Deadline for applications - CY Initiative of Excellence

February 10th-12th
Warwick Economic Summit 2023