EUTOPIA Updates, 19 December, 2022


EUTOPIA Updates, 19 December, 2022

Today's Spotlight 

Meet Mauro Cannone: EUTOPIA's interim Secretary General

The EUTOPIA Week in Ljubljana witnessed significant changes in the EUTOPIA governance. Indeed, the alliance saw the stepping down of its first Secretary General, Nikki Muckle, after she completed the three-year term with the pilot phase of the alliance.
While the new Secretary General selection is underway, Mauro Cannone, the Director of the Global Engagement Office at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (Italy), was designated as the interim Secretary General of EUTOPIA.
The EUTOPIA Secretary General’s responsibilities include being a trusted advisor to the EUTOPIA Chair and Board of Directors with a focus on governance, a manager and coordinator of the alliance, a facilitator networker and engager, and a leader and manager of the central office and team. Learn more here.


Alliance News

Open Science, the alliance way - EUTOPIA Poster at The 17th Munin Conference on Scholarly Publishing

Universities are challenged with creating an enabling environment for Open Science, including policies, technical infrastructure, services, training and support and cross-cutting issues such as FAIR research data management and Open Access.

European university alliances are one mechanism that supports such collaborations (Council of the EU, 2021). EUTOPIA understands Open Science as a core pillar, recognizing that knowledge needs to be accessible for everyone. Therefore, our alliance aims to mainstream Open Science across the network and create closer policy alignment between individual alliance members.

Learn more and see the poster here.


Learning Community in Action: Multilingual Policy for Sustainable Educational Growth

Several partners in the Learning Community Multilingualism and Diversity have written a text titled: “Multilingual Policy for Sustainable Educational Growth”.

Written by Vicent Climent-Ferrando, Jo Angouri, and Tommaso Milani, and reviewed by other partners in the Learning Community, it includes recommendations for promoting multilingualism in the Alliance.

This work was also recently presented by Vicent Climent-Ferrando at the 2022 European Language Council Forum: Languages in European University Alliances: challenges and issues (Sevilla, 1-2 December 2022) under the name: “Towards an Inclusive Language Policy in Higher Education. The experience of the learning community on multilingualism within the EUTOPIA Alliance.” 

Learn more here.


Learning Community in Action: Hacking for Sustainable Mobility!

The Learning Community has once more completed its semester of cross-campus activities, closing the semester with their cross-campus Hackathon.

This year saw 121 students from UGOT, VUB, CY and UoL take part in a series of sessions throughout the month of November 2022 to define the challenge, develop solutions, use the business model canvas and pitch. Students collaborated online with the assistance of coaches to develop and present their solutions.

The final products were pitched to an expert jury on November 29th 2022. Students were evaluated for their work supported by short videos and dedicated breakout rooms for targeted feedback and discussion. Learn more here.


Learning Community in Action: Investigating Inequalities in Contemporary Societies

The third round learning community Inequalities in Contemporary Societies has completed its series of guest lectures, featuring speakers Francesca Carta (Bank of Italy) on gender inequalities, Ilf Bencheikh (J-PAL Europe) on Randomised Control Trials, and  Andrea Salvatori (OECD) on labor market inequalities. 

The LC concluded the semester with student projects, where students from CY, UPF and UBB undertook group projects covering a large range inequalities globally, such as: inequalities in education and attainment, water accessibility in India, Migration in the USA, Unemployment benefits and income inequality in Poland, disability and sickness cash benefits in Sweden, Tax policy and rates in Romania, pension systems in Germany, unemployment benefits and income distribution in Belgium, Gender pay gaps and access to housing to name a few.

The final presentations held in a hybrid manner included 25 different videos resulting from groups of 3-4 students and Q&A. Learn more here.


Partner News

University of Gothenburg's official staff newspaper, GU Journal, now comes in English!

Welcome to the winter issue of GU Journal, which among other things focuses on the five profile areas selected by the university, on the strong economy despite increased costs, better knowledge about doctoral students, researchers at the Sahlgrenska Academy at the top, Åsa Arping new dean, features about the EUTOPIA meeting in Ljubljana.

Profile on Joakim Sandberg, philosopher, reports on walking and ancient soudscapes...and much more. Read it here.


The Warwick Economic Summit is looking for EUTOPIAn Student Ambassadors and Representatives - Applications are open!

The Warwick Economics Summit is the largest student-run academic conference in Europe, covering the fields of economics, politics, and the wider social sciences. The next edition, WES 2023 will be held at the University of Warwick from 10th to 12th of February 2023. Taking into consideration the uncertainty and risks associated with Covid-19, WES 2023 will be a hybrid Summit combining in-person and virtual events.
The WES team would like to welcome students from across the EUTOPIA alliance to participate in this rich programme of events. Conference delegates are recruited through a network of student Ambassadors and Representatives. Ambassadors are responsible for advertising WES and recruiting a delegation (in-person and virtual delegates) and will be the WES team’s first point of contact to organise the logistics of their trip. Representatives assemble purely virtual delegations. Learn more and apply here.



EUTOPIA-SIF Monthly Fellow Seminar - January 12, 2022

Within the framework of the EUTOPIA Science and Innovation Fellowship Programme, monthly fellows seminars will take place, in which the 35 researchers enrolled in the two cohorts will in turn present their research projects.

The next researchers to present their research are Evelina Liarou (UW), Marcos Araújo Castro e Silva (UPF), and Madeline Polmear (VUB). Learn more here, follow on Zoom here.



CY Initiative of Excellence - Young Researchers wanted - Call for applications 2023 - Deadline for applications January 23, 2023

The CY Initiative TALENT PROGRAMME invites applications from high-profile young researchers willing to develop their research in one of the CY Initiative research groups.

It aims to support young researchers leading an ambitious research project at the highest level, in all academic fields. The recruitment will take the form of junior chairs, with a duration of three years, integrated in a research centre of CY Initiative and offering attractive compensation and research environment. Learn more and apply here.



Currently open miscellaneous research calls

There are a number of currently open research calls from CYU, TUD, UL, Warwick... Learn more about them here.



January 12th
EUTOPIA-SIF Monthly Fellows Seminar - January 2023

January 23rd
Deadline for applications - CY Initiative of Excellence

February 10th-12th
Warwick Economic Summit 2023