Open opportunities

Open opportunities

Summer Schools by the EUTOPIA universities

Every year, the universities of EUTOPIA organize dozens of Summer Schools in many different domains. Some are already open for applications. Check them out on the EUTOPIA Website and apply for this summer!

Student Individual Research Projects (SIRP)

The call, which will be open until funds are used up or until 28 July 2023 at the latest, is open to students in the first and second cycles who are interested in designing and implementing an individual research project at one of the member institutions of the EUTOPIA association. In addition to designing a project that will include a component of student research with two mentors (review, analysis and comparison of the literature, review of methodology and interdisciplinary approaches, work on seminar, final dissertation or article and so forth), the project must include proposed mobility at the host university (added value of attending the proposed university, visit to libraries and laboratories/research groups and other activities that support the international student project).


EUTOPIA Student Think Tank (EUSTT) – platform for the exchange of opinions and experiences

The Think Tank is run by a diverse group of students and researchers, and serves as a platform for sharing their ideas, written works and opinions. It also provides skill-building training that enables students to participate in policy-making and decision-making processes, thus making a positive impact on society.


The EUTOPIA Certificate of Internationalisation (EUCI)

encourages, recognises and rewards students’ international learning. Students at EUTOPIA universities can complete this certificate and gain formal recognition of their international experience and competencies.

Past opportunities

Online Hackathon hosted by Gothenburg (Open Innovation Challenge)

brings students from different disciplines from the six partner universities together in intensive workshops along with procurers to increase the innovative capacity of their respective procurements. It will tane place on February 23 – 25.

EUTOPIA Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (EURSS)​

is a great opportunity for students to lead their own international research projects. You will develop valuable transferable skills, build your confidence and enhance your CV and career prospects. Registration up until 28 February 2022.

TEAMWORK – Deadline for applications March 31, 2022, March 2023

TeamWork is a virtual international experience programme taking place part-time, for four weeks between the end of June and the middle of August 2022. It involves teams of up to 8 students from EUTOPIA universities working together virtually on an organization's project or challenge.

Western Balkans Workshop

The BeEUTOPIAn student conference

The aim of the 2022 BeEUTOPIAn Student Conference, under the motto 'The New Possible, At Hand' is to do just that: reclaim, at a key moment, a meaningful space for discussion, exchange of knowledge, and networking for university students across the EUTOPIA Alliance. The conference is structured in two days, April 25 and 26.

More info HERE.

Student individual research project - SIRP

SIRP allows the bachelor's and master's students to undertake their research projects that must include mobility at one of the EUTOPIA Universities. Mobility can last between 7 and 30 days. Students will get the funding for the whole mobility period. The new call will open in the begining of school year 2022/23.

The International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR)

is a two-day academic conference that showcases the best in undergraduate research from around the world. ICUR 2022 will take place between 27 – 29 September. Call for abstracts is open until June 5, 2022.

Summer Schools of EUTOPIA Partners - 2022

Each year, the partner universities of EUTOPIA offer a wide range of Summer and Winter Schools, often open to international students.

Find a list of all Summer Schools from EUTOPIA open to our wide community of European students HERE.

Extracurricular activities: International Project Work within the EUTOPIA Alliance  – Deadline for applications September 2022


EUTOPIA virtual simulation exercise on draft EU Data Act

The Warwick Economics Summit 

Participate in a data-informed student debate 2023 on climate change - February 15 - March 8, 2023

EUTOPIA Learning Community Call: From Local to Global - A Future for the Environment - Deadline for applications February 27, 2023

EUSTT is hiring! - deadline 26 March 2023