Prijavi se v POPR!

Za prijavo na dogodke in svetovanja ter za brskanje po najnovejših prostih delovnih mestih se vpiši v portal POPR. Če si študent se vpiši s svojo digitalno identiteto, če pa si študent brez statusa, študent druge univerze, dijak, alumni UL ali zaposleni na UL pa sledi enostavnemu registracijskemu postopku.

Ne spreglej naših e-novic

Da ti ne bo ušel noben dogodek ali dobra karierna priložnost, se prijavi na naš e-novičnik. Če si nanj že naročen (večina študentov je), pa najprej preveri, da ti ne zahaja med neželeno pošto (se zgodi!).

How to make advantage of staying at home

It's totally normal to feel anxious, confused, isolated. Many are facing deeper crises, as them or their family members lose jobs or get sick. Long-term stress is difficult to resolve by yourself and it's often best for you to seek help. Do not struggle alone!

You can visit Psychosocial Counselling for Students at University of Ljubljana and take appointment with one of experts, otherwise employed at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana that provides assistance where you can discuss different things. More information (If the link will not open, please use this link and search for the first news).

Based on the current epidemic of Coronavirus and the distress that is connected with it, the Psychologists with Bachelor degrees and postgraduate students of psychology decided to organize free counselling (also in English). The counselling is carried out by volunteers and lasts up to 45 minutes. You can apply for counseling here.

Work out at home

Aerobics, weight loss exercises, yoga or stretching. Whatever fits you best!

Don't miss recommendations on physical activity prepared by the Faculty of Sport:

A period like this makes it even more obvious how important is good healthcare. That is why we invite to fill out the questionnaire and contribute to better information and healthcare for international students. Link

Whatever it is that works for you, do what it takes to care for your body and mind!

Learn a new skill

You can improve your skills in various fields. You could also read a half-read book that has been waiting for you for some time. We have put together links to various online lecture resources. Check if you find something for yourself


Stress management in the time of Covid-19 (in English)

    How to stay mentally healthy? How to cope with new reality?  More>

Mental skills & wellbeing webinar(in English)

    How to live and learn empathy in Covid-19? How to strengthen resilience and how to set goals through the eyes of an expert. More>

Empathy webinar (in English)

    Is empathy key to "survival" in the changed times of the new virus? If yes to which extent? Check out the webinar - global conversation hosted by Carl O’Brian (Education Editor of the Irish Times).  More>What are the psychological effects of isolation? (prof. dr. Matej Tušak, in Slovene)

How people act in time of isolation? (in Slovene)

    How the lack of social contacts impact on us? What is the difference between real, live contacts and contactst through technology More>

How to deal with fears and panic attacks (in Slovene)

Don't forget to check also our e-classroom (E-učilnica) where you can find interesting webinars (some in English). Access with your UL digital identity. More information

Think about your study and career plans

Consider using some of your »home time« to find out more about yourself, your study plans and your career options. You can contact career counsellors and set up one-to-one virtual appointment or write an e-mail, you can explore your future study exchange options or internship possibilities abroad.These things will help you reflect on the skills you have, brainstorm skills you’d like to develop, and think about where you see yourself in the future.

Virtual Career Coaching

Set up your virtual appointment to get one-on-one advising and assistance with:

    career exploration internship & job search CV/cover letter interview preparation … and any other questions you might have.

Get in touch

Explore possibilities 

Explore possibilities abroad on GoinGlobal portal, the leading provider of career and employment resources, where you can find useful information regarding job and internship search, offers in over 40 countries, examples of cover letters and CVs and tips how to prepare for job interview. Here

Check Venice International University summer school programs. 

Support your loved ones

Check in with your loved ones often. Virtual communication can help you and your loved ones feel less lonely.

At the link you can find an overview of the University of Ljubljana activities, programmes and projects related to COVID-19, being conducted by the students and staff at the University of Ljubljana that might directly or indirectly help in this situation.

Stay safe and healthy! And try to do fun stuff!