Prijavi se v POPR!

Za prijavo na dogodke in svetovanja ter za brskanje po najnovejših prostih delovnih mestih se vpiši v portal POPR.

Ne spreglej naših e-novic

Da ti ne bo ušel noben dogodek ali dobra karierna priložnost, se prijavi na naš e-novičnik. Ne pozabi preveriti, ali je zašel med neželeno pošto (se zgodi!).

Portal GoinGlobal

An online collection of  country careers guides, with information on employment trends, trade and professional organisation links, work permit and visa regulations and CV examples and advice.

Access to the GoinGlobal is free for students of the University of Ljubljana.

  • Global search engine for job vacancies, internships practices that collect data from a large number of other job portals
  •    Access to guides in over 40 countries, detailed job search methods, visas and work permits, top employers and the job market in general, living expenses
  •    Examples of cover letters and CVs in English and local languages
  •   Tips on how to prepare for a job interview
  •    Information on business practices in the country, salary levels, etc.
  •   Access to a business directory, profiles of more than 450,000 business entities;
  •    Access to articles on how to gain work experience in an international environment, etc.

For really effective use, check the video available on the GoinGlobal portal.


How to log into GoinGlobal

  • Enter POPR - Personal and Professional Development Platform. Here you can check how to sign in POPR.
  • On the POPR find  “Resources” tab, click on it and find the GoinGlobal icon.


How to create your GoinGlobal account

1. Click Create Account
2. Select the GoinGlobal icon or one of the Social Media icons
3. Follow the instructions and you will create an account that you can access from from any computer