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Za prijavo na dogodke in svetovanja ter za brskanje po najnovejših prostih delovnih mestih se vpiši v portal POPR.

Ne spreglej naših e-novic

Da ti ne bo ušel noben dogodek ali dobra karierna priložnost, se prijavi na naš e-novičnik. Ne pozabi preveriti, ali je zašel med neželeno pošto (se zgodi!).


You can find a lot of our webinars in our e-classroom. Although they are mostly in Slovenian, some of them are available in English as well.

Currently you can watch:

  • Homesickness as a challenge and opportunity for personal growth

  • How can EURAXESS support you?

  • 3 x 3 about thinking

  • Purpose-driven messaging (or how startup-style pitching can help you out in real life)

  • CVs and Covering Letters to help you find an Internship in the UK

To watch webinars in our e-classroom you'll need to sign in with your digital UL identity, which means both our students and employees can watch it.

If you are interested in attending webinars, please check out our current event selection on POPR platform. Some of the events are in English as well.