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Writing a personal profile

By mag. Tina Kozic Kolšek and Andreja Jurček

During your studies at the University of Ljubljana, you can get involved in various extracurricular activities, practical training, connect with potential employers, and gain additional professional knowledge and experience. You can also gain a lot of work experience through student work. All of this increases your employability, but only if you know how to present yourself well. In the following, we offer a few suggestions on how to write a personal presentation for potential employers.

We advise you to write your personal presentation as soon as possible, that is, while you’re still studying.

The content, style, and form of the presentation can significantly affect the employer’s first impression of you, so they require special attention and time. You can make a good impression by presenting yourself properly and following the rules of business communication.

Employers will usually ask you for your CV, and often for a letter of motivation as well. Another common way of presenting yourself is creating a LinkedIn profile and a career portfolio (which can be posted online only). Follow the links above to learn more about the different forms of personal presentation.

Regardless of which form of presentation you choose, we advise you to follow these guidelines when writing a personal presentation:

  • Use appropriate language.
  • Always provide true information about yourself.
  • Write clearly and directly.
  • Keep in mind that employers spend an average of twenty seconds reviewing an application.
  • Follow the grammar and spelling rules. Any errors will divert the reader’s attention away from the content, so make sure to check your spelling and grammar.

For advice and assistance and for feedback on your written personal presentation, contact a career adviser.

You can also attend one of the University of Ljubljana Career Centre workshops on this topic.