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EUTOPIA's 2023/2024 Academic Year officially launched this year with the signing of the formal establishment of EUTOPIA as a non-profit international institution

Europe, EUTOPIA and the need for a new renaissance are the words that epitomise this year's launch of EUTOPIA's academic year 2023/2024, which will be organised in close cooperation with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) at the European Parliament. Jan Danckaert, Rector of VUB, announces: "The European Parliament is the ideal venue for our EUTOPIA Academic Opening Session. My message is clear: Europe and the world need a new renaissance and a new enlightenment, and alliances like EUTOPIA are key to achieving this vision."

An important moment at the event will be the ceremonial signing of the agreement by the Presidents of the EUTOPIA Alliance of Universities, which will also be signed by the Rector of the University of Ljubljana (UL), Prof. Dr. Gregor Majdič, making EUTOPIA a true reference point for academic partnerships and alliances across Europe. This important step underlines EUTOPIA's commitment to fostering joint academic partnerships and alliances across Europe.

"This first joint launch of the Academic Year in the European Parliament represents an important milestone for EUTOPIA. It symbolises our unity and shared commitment to the development of European higher education, research and knowledge transfer. The achievement of establishing the legal entity EUTOPIA illustrates our dedication to promoting excellence, innovation and inclusiveness in our Alliance. We look forward to continued collaboration and lasting impact on the European education landscape," said Prof. Dr. Tiziana Lippiello, Rector of the University of Ca'Foscari in Venice and President of EUTOPIA, underlining the importance of the event.

In addition to the Rector, the Academic Opening Ceremony at the European Parliament will be attended by the Vice-Rector for Internationalisation and Quality, Prof. Dr. Boštjan Markoli, the Academic Manager of the Erasmus+ EUTOPIA MORE project, Prof. Dr. Nataša Poklar Ulrih, and the representatives of the first, second and third cycle students, Miha Kosec, Hana Barši Palmič and Haris Hagović.

In addition to the University of Ljubljana, the EUTOPIA Alliance consists of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium), CY Cergy University Paris (France), University of Gothenburg (Sweden), Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona (Spain), University of Warwick (UK), NOVA University Lisbon (Portugal), Ca' Foscari University (Italy), Technical University Dresden (Germany) and Babeş-Bolyai University (Romania).

EUTOPIA 2023/2024 Academic Year Launch Ceremony