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Za prijavo na dogodke in svetovanja ter za brskanje po najnovejših prostih delovnih mestih se vpiši v portal POPR.

Ne spreglej naših e-novic

Da ti ne bo ušel noben dogodek ali dobra karierna priložnost, se prijavi na naš e-novičnik. Ne pozabi preveriti, ali je zašel med neželeno pošto (se zgodi!).


In order to promote new and alternative learning methods and develop and upgrade your skills, competencies, and since it is sometimes difficult to keep up with all the courses, the University of Ljubljana Career Centres have set up an e-classroom delivering distance learning – webinars and course materials.

UL students and staff can access the e-classroom with their UL digital ID.


We will continuously upgrade and enrich the e-classroom with new materials and webinars, which cover the following areas:

Personal growth and relationships


Additional education and training

The materials and webinars can be sorted by provider or date.

WHERE? Follow this link.

HOW? UL students and staff can access the e-classroom with their UL digital ID. 

WHEN? Whenever you like.

WHY? The advantages of on-line learning are independence of location and time. In this way, you can take up new forms of learning or upgrade them and access materials at any time.

We are planning to add even more webinars on current topics, which will supplement the existing content of workshops aimed at developing skills that students need to succeed in the 21st century.